Evaluation Methodology

Examination is an important element in assessing academic value addition. To make assessment more comprehensive and credible, the examination pattern at MITSDE has been developed by subject experts.

MITSDE’s Board of Examination (BoE) has devised the following examination and evaluation system as per the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) norms.

  • The examination papers are drafted by the faculty experts and are approved by the Board of Examination (BoE).
  • The papers are kept confidential and under the strict custody of the examination department.

Internal Examination

Grades towards internal examinations are contributed from the assignments that are completed on the Learning Management System(LMS).

Post Graduate Certificate in Management – You need to give one assignment for each subject

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management – You need to give two assignments for each subject

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – You need to give two assignments for each subject.

External Examination

Examinations are conducted twice a year in the months of January and July.

  • Final assessment for each course is of total 100 Marks.
  • External examination carries weightage of 70% and internal assignment 30%.
  • External examination is of 100 marks based on entire syllabus for the course. The marks are converted to 70% weightage.
  • Internal assignments are of 60 marks each, based on the entire syllabus for the course. The marks are converted to 30% weightage.

Passing Criteria

For passing the internal and the external examinations, it is essential for you to obtain minimum 50% marks in each i.e. 50% and above in the internal assignments and 50% and above in the external examination.


There is no scheme of re-totaling or re-evaluation of examination answer scripts, assignments and projects. Marks once given are deemed final.

In order to appear for examination, you are required to submit examination registration forms that will be made available on the website.

To be eligible for the examination, following guidelines are important

  • You must complete the minimum required duration for the program as per the institute’s requirement. For details, refer MITSDE’s handbook on the LMS.
  • Submission of completed internal assignments on LMS is mandatory. Your examination form will not be accepted if internal assignment is not submitted or not completed before filling the examination form.
  • Successful submission of completed, correct examination form on the institute’s web site is important
  • Payment of applicable program fee.
  • Payment of applicable examination fee for backlog papers.
  • In case your admission is not confirmed, you are required to complete pending formalities.
  • There has to be a gap of minimum six months between two fresh semester appearances, however backlogs can be attempted along with the fresh semester attempt in consequent examination cycle.

  • End-semester examination will be conducted 2 times in an academic year i.e. in the months of January and July
  • Result of each examination cycle will be declared within 45 days from the last date of examination
  • You can check your examination results in the ‘My Account’ section on the website.
  • In case of any error in results declared, you have to notify in writing / email to examination department through student support services within 15 days post completion of examination.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management – You need to complete a project work of four credit points in semester III. You will be provided a project guideline document according to which you need to submit your project.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Adminstration – You need to complete a project work of four credit points in semester III and a project work of eight credits in semester IV You will be provided project guideline documents according to which you need to submit your projects.
  • Your project will be sent for evaluation and on the recommendation of the evaluators marks will be awarded.
  • You need to pay Project Evaluation Fee for us to send your project for evaluation.
  • On successful completion of the project, your marks will be uploaded on your grade book.
  • In case of any discrepancy, you will be informed and you can avail guidance from your course counselor and faculty.

After you clear all the applicable examinations, assignments and project work you will receive your consolidated mark sheet within 45 days.

You will receive your certificate only when you complete all your examinations successfully and have earned the required credit units.

On completion of the above requirement, you will receive your certificate within 45 days.