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Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration- Human Resource

PGDBA in Human Resource

Ways and means of business have changed with time and age. All these changes call for modern business approaches and effective management skills. Matching pace with the rapid advancements in the business world, human resource management has become more demanding with the businesses crossing borders and functioning all over the globe. Talent management, learning and development needs of employees and upskilling them to have a more effective and productive man-force are the major deliverables or key performance indicators of a competent human resource manager. With increasing opportunities and superior roles and responsibilities, human resource management is a subject of larger interest.

The PG Diploma in Business Administration with human resource specialisation is designed to match the human resource availability and knowledge with the rapidly progressing business world. The course focuses on the innovation and trends persisting in the HR departments of renowned organizations. From employee management to strategic decisions, the course imparts best-quality knowledge and provides extensive training, guidance and support to would-be HR professionals, like you. More than theoretical knowledge, the curriculum is designed to present real-world case studies in order to provide you with practical understanding of current scenarios.

Code Subject Credits
S1C01 Principles of Management 4
S1C02 Indian Economy and Policy 4
S1C03 Business Communication 4
S1C04 Financial Accounting & Analysis 4
S1C05 Marketing Management 4
S1C06 Legal and Business Environment (Micro and Macro) 4

Code Subject Credits
S2C07 Management Information System 4
S2C08 Human Resource Management 4
S2C09 Research Methodology and Management Decision 4
S2C10 Strategic Management 4
S2C11 Business Analytics 4
S2C12 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 4

Code Subject Credits
S3C13 Project Management 4
S3W17 Strategic HRM 4
S3W18 Learning and Development 4
S3W19 Compensation Management and HR Audit 4
PWMI1 Project Work 6
- Elective Basket (Select Any One) 4

S3E01 Information Technology and E - Commerce 4
S3E02 International Marketing 4
S3E03 Inventory Management 4
S3E04 Just in time and lean 4
S3E05 Total Quality Management 4
S3E32 Merchandising Management 4
S3E06 Compensation and Benefits Management 4
S3E07 Project Planning and Project Foundation 4

Code Subject Credits
S4C14 International Business 4
S4W25 Human Resource Information Systems 4
S4W26 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws 4
S4W27 Performance Management and Competency Mapping 4
PWMJ2 Project Work 8
- Elective Basket (Select Any One) 4

S4E08 Java Programming 4
S4E33 Entrepreneurship 4
S4E09 Organisational behaviour 4
S4E10 Material and store management 4
S4E11 Supply Chain Management 4
S4E12 Risk management 4
S4E13 Wages and Salary Administration 4
S4E14 Project Execution, Tools & Techniques and Benefit Realisation 4


  • Course Duration: 2 Years
  • Eligibility: Any Graduate

Fee Structure

Program Fee Including Fee Total Fee
₹50,000 A) Registration : ₹1,000
B) Course Material : ₹8,000
₹ 59,000

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fee
Lumpsum - - ₹ 59,000
Installment ₹ 32,500 ₹ 32,500 ₹ 65,000

Fee Structure For NRI Students

Program Fee Including Fee Total Fee
$3,100 A) Registration : $100
B) Course Material : $200
$ 3,400

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fee
Lumpsum - - $ 3,400
Installment $ 1,850 $ 1,850 $ 3,700

Human resource management is a very fulfilling career as it caters to the well being of employees and brings their goals and objectives in synergy with the organizations’ objectives. You can get well accomplishing jobs namely,

  • Payroll Manager
  • Recruitment Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Employee Education Consultant
  • Head Hunter - Freelancer