A] LinkedIn Learning Subscription is an Add-on Self Learning Facility provided by MITSDE in association with LinkedIn to its Existing and Past Student’s on Subsidized Fee Basis

B] MITSDE assume No Responsibility in relation to Content being provided over LinkedIn Learning Platform

C] MITSDE assume No Responsibility towards the Content Creation over LinkedIn Learning Platform

D] LinkedIn Learning Platform provides an Equal Number of and Same Courses under various Domains irrespective of the Subscription to a MITSDE Student (Past and Existing) or to a Normal Candidate who would be having a Subscription, which, is not taken through MITSDE

E] The Subscription of LinkedIn Learning Platform with MITSDE Expires on 9th August 2021, so, every Student associated with LinkedIn Learning Platform via MITSDE will also have their LinkedIn Learning Platform Subscription Expiry Date of 9th August 2021

Example: It can happen a Student (New / Existing) gets a LinkedIn Learning Account from MITSDE (By way of Admission / Payment of Fees) on let say 21st January, 2021, still, the Expiry Date of Subscription would be as mentioned above i.e. 9th August, 2021

F) MITSDE assume No Responsibility in case a Particular Content on LinkedIn Learning is made Non-Available or Obsolete during the Period of Subscription, which, You as a Student might have Saved it for Future Learning or at that point of time Learning the concerned Course

G) MITSDE assume No Responsibility in terms of Intimation about Addition of New Courses or Deletion of Any Courses over LinkedIn Learning Platform during the Period of Subscription

H) In lieu of Acceptance of this Subscription from MITSDE you have given the Organization i.e. MITSDE to access and retain the following information:

  • 1) Learning activity, such as courses viewed or completed
  • 2) Profile information, such as your name, work title, and profile photo
  • 3) Any courses from your personal account that you've transferred to your group account

We at MITSDE also assure you that We will Not be receiving in any Information as stated below from LinkedIn in relation to your Personal Account:

  • 1) Your connections
  • 2) Your private messages
  • 3) Any job search activity, such as job posts you've viewed
  • 4) Any learning courses you've viewed in your personal account

Link in relation to this Point: https://www.linkedin.com/help/learning/answer/71996

I] We at MITSDE assume No Responsibility towards the Completion / Certification of LinkedIn Learning Courses in any manner, which, would be Opted by the Student during the Period of Subscription

J] We at MITSDE assume No Responsibility towards the Acceptance / Authentication of Certification of LinkedIn Learning Courses in Job Market

K] The Procedure and Fees regarding the Renewal of LinkedIn Learning Subscription post 9th August 2021 would be duly notified in due course of time

L] Subscription of LinkedIn Learning is in No Manner linked to LinkedIn Premium Account Subscription, and, MITSDE through this association is Not providing Student’s the Features and Facilities linked with LinkedIn Premium Account Membership

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