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Post Graduate Diploma Course in Wealth Management (PGDWM) | Distance Learning Courses

Wealth management is one of the key finance related streams, and pre-dominantly has a wide scope in the ever expanding banking and insurance sectors apart from the industrial and organizational domain. It would not be wrong to say that strategic saving can earn more, using the current alternatives presented by wealth management field. Wealth management techniques are not only applicable to big and medium scale companies but also to individuals in order to intelligently invest their savings and thereby earn through it. A wealth manager plays an important role in securing, managing and boosting the profits on investment for a client.

A post graduate diploma course in wealth management facilitates education to the participant in a very specific area, wealth management, related to finance management, however demands a particular set of pre- requisites and skill set. A course in wealth management is one of the unique post graduate diploma courses available in India leading to immediate and elite placement. MIT School of Distance Education as an experienced distance education institute selects courses on the basis of its utility in the present employment scenario.

Semester I

Sub Code Details
104 Basic Quantitative Tools (Code not available in the list)
152 Managerial Economics 
187 Risk Management 
128 Financial Institutions 
130 Financial Planning 

Semester II

Sub Code Details
186 Retirement Solutions 
188 Security Analysis 
167 Portfolio Management 
112 Constructing Financial Plan & Wealth Management 
105 Banking and Mutual Fund Products 


  • Examination will be conducted for above subjects.
  • Student will have to submit one assignment for each subject.
  • Examinations carry 70% and assignments carry 30% weightage.
Duration Eligibility
1 Year
(2 Semester)
Any Graduate or Diploma with minimum of 3 years of work experience
Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Programme Fee Including fees  Total Fess
`35,000 a)Registration ` 1,000
b)Course Material ` 2,000
c) Examination Fee ` 2,000
` 35000


Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Fees Option Down Payment Installment Total Fees
Lumpsum ` 35,000 - `  35,000
Installment ` 21,000 ` 16,000 `  37,000


Course Fees for NRI & Foreign Students ($ US)
Programme Fee Including fees  Total Fess
$2,350 a)Registration $50
b)Course Material $100
c) Examination Fee $100


Course Fees for NRI & Foreign Students ($ US)
Fees Option Down Payment Installment Total Fees
Lumpsum $2,350 - $2,350
Installment $1,400 $1,100 $2,500
Wealth Management as a profession was considered as a branch of financial management until recent times and gained a status of specialized field as the business models changed at a rapid pace. The field is poised to grow at a steady rate opening more and more requirements for qualified and skilled wealth managers, investment advisors, asset managers etc.
Sectors like Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stocks and other finance related functions welcome talented wealth managers. At the same time wealth management has a huge potential to work independently in the financial domain. 

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