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Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration- Human Resource | Distance Learning Courses

Ways and means of business have changed with time and age. All these changes call for modern business approaches and effective management skills. Matching pace with the rapid advancements in the business world, the Two Year PGDBA course with specialization in HRM goes deep into modern business methodologies, especially HR roles and provides latest insights associated with this profession

The Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resource Management is a distance course that aims to make students ready for the industry. The online study materials focuses on the innovation and trends persisting within the HR departments of renowned organizations. From employee management to strategic decisions, the course imparts best-quality knowledge and provides extensive training, guidance and support to the would-be HR professionals

Our PG Diploma in Business Administration in Human Resource Management stands apart from the other similar courses by the following factors:

  • Since it’s a distance course, students need not attend regular classes. They shall be provided with study materials containing key insights of business management, especially HR.

  • More than theoretical knowledge, the lessons present real case studies of the industry professionals and provide practical understanding of current HR scenario. The study materials also equip the students about new-age HR concepts like Integrated HR Systems, app-based HR solutions, real-time employee data and analytics and quite a lot more.

  • The online course also covers latest HR concepts like research-based approach, finding the right fit for the organization, high-performance and commitment management, monitoring payrolls, high-involvement management; all of which are mandatory for working in today’s HR departments. The lessons also throw light on some other vital HR concepts like time and leave management, personnel

  • It provides professional platform and allows the students to easily cope up in real-life situations and perform better in their organization.

  • By matching steps with emerging HR policies, trends and prospects; rather staying in advance; students can also expect higher increments, quick promotions, increasing income, and fast career growth.

Course Benefits
  • The online course is more flexible and convenient. Students can find their preferred time, access study materials, and grow up as a successful HR professional, even while studying.

  • Besides students, professionals who are working as HR or in other management disciplines can also benefit from the course. Since the course has no hard-bound rule, professionals can work and study at the same time.

  • By doing this course, working people shall stay updated about current HR practices and trends. Using such knowledge, they shall also grow in their professional ladder.

Semester I

Sub Code Details
101 Business, Government & Society
102 Leadership & Organizational Behaviour
103 Corporate Communications
104 Quantitative Methods
  Managerial Economics (Micro)

Semester II

Sub Code Details
105 Financial Reporting & Controls (Accounts)
106 Managerial Economics(Macro)
107 Managerial Finance
108 Operations Management
109 Marketing Management

Semester III

Sub Code Details
110 Human Resource Management
111 Entrepreneurship
112 Legal Framework and Business
113 Management Information System
114 International Economy & Finance

Semester IV

Sub Code Details
125 Strategic HR
126 Training and Development
127 Recruitment, Selection & Retention
128 Enterprise Resource and Planning
129 Labour Laws


  • Examination will be conducted for above subjects.
  • Student will have to submit one assignment for each subject.
  • Examinations carry 70% and assignments carry 30% weightage (passing criteria for both exam / assignments is 50/100).
Duration Eligibility
2 Year
(4 Semester)
Any Graduate
Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Program Fee Including Fee  Total Fee
`48,000 A) Registration ` 1,000
B) Course Material ` 5,000
C) Examination Fee ` 5,000
` 59,000


Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Fee Option Down Payment Installment Total Fees
Lumpsum ` 59000 - `  59,000
Installment a) ` 30,000 (First Installment) b)` 20,000 within 6 months (Second Installment)
c) ` 15,000 after 12 Months (Third Installment)
(a) + (b) + (c) = `  65,000



HR Personnel, Assistant Personnel Manager/HR Manager, Personnel Manager/HR Personnel, Training and Development Manager, Employee Education Consultant, International HR Professional, HR Entrepreneur.

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