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Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration- Operations | Distance Learning Courses

Making optimal utilisation of resources (goods, labour) to produce the best quality products while increasing the efficiency of employees, well, it’s not an easy job. Working in the brain of any organization, you must know the operational strategies and all the tactics that goes into smart management of business activities. And to make you an able manager, MIT Pune, the renowned distance education institute introduces the Two Year PGDBA Course in Operations Management

The online MBA-equivalent course empowers you with the knowledge of Innovations Management, New Product Development, Process Modelling, Forecasting, Planning, Monitoring and Control, Risk Management, and to some extent Management of Supply Chain. You get to know the ways of assessing productivity, analyzing operations, and maximising business profits.

Course Benefits
Learn latest industry-based concepts like Strategic Planning, Capacity Planning, Modern Production Systems, Productivity- its Dynamic Concepts and Terminologies. Study significant models- Strategic Production Models, Operation Models, Decision-Making Models, etc

The two-year distance learning course is a gateway to the operations department of the top-notch MNCs. Get first preference, and stand way ahead than others in business operations

Those already working, promotion is on the cards. PGDBA in Operations Management enhances the capability of professionals and equips them with the latest industry insights

Semester I

Sub Code Details
101 Business, Government & Society
102 Leadership & Organizational Behaviour
103 Corporate Communications
104 Quantitative Methods
  Managerial Economics (Micro)

Semester II

Sub Code Details
105 Financial Reporting & Controls (Accounts)
106 Managerial Economics
107 Managerial Finance
108 Operations Management
109 Marketing Management

Semester III

Sub Code Details
110 Human Resource Management
111 Entrepreneurship
112 Legal Framework and Business
113 Management Information System
114 International Economy & Finance

Semester IV

Sub Code Details
130 Managing e-business
131 Project Management
132 Production Planning and Control
128 Enterprise Resource and Planning
124 Risk Management
Duration Eligibility
2 Year
(4 Semester)
Any Graduate or Diploma with minimum of 3 years of work experience
Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Programme Fee Including fees  Total Fess
`55,000 a)Registration ` 1,000
b)Course Material ` 2,000
c) Examination Fee ` 2,000
` 55000


Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Fees Option Down Payment Installment Total Fees
Lumpsum ` 55000 - `  55,000
Installment a) ` 29,000 (First Installment) b) ` 16,000 after 6 months (Second Installment)
c) ` 16,000 after 12 Months (Third Installment)
(a) + (b) + (c) = `  61,000


Course Fees for NRI & Foreign Students ($ US)
Programme Fee Including fees  Total Fess
$3,050 a)Registration $50
b)Course Material $100
c) Examination Fee $100


Course Fees for NRI & Foreign Students ($ US)
Fees Option Down Payment Installment Total Fees
Lumpsum $3,050 - $3,050
Installment $1,850 $1,350 $3,200
Operations Executive, Operations Manager, Production Executive, Production Manager, Strategic Planner, Productivity Manager, Project Managers

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