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Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration- Information Technology | Distance Learning Courses

Are you interested to work in the IT departments of renowned companies? Here’s the biggest opportunity to start a rewarding career in new-age information technology, from the comfort of your home or office. MIT, the leading distance learning institute for MBA-equivalent courses offers varieties of prospects in the global IT industry

The post graduate diploma in management with specialization in IT introduces basic terms and concepts prevalent in today’s industry. It equips you with requisite knowledge and practical skills, and prepares you for the industry. Accessing our extensive online study materials, you learn about useful insights from the industry and train yourself as an emerging IT professional. You also learn about spreadsheets, database design, operating systems, legal frameworks in IT, IT finance management and other concepts.

With such knowledge, you not only prepare yourself well in advance but also stay ahead than most general MBA students. Entering an organization, you create good impression; enhance your scopes, and witness promotions and increments. Thus, from your learning days to your professional career, the Distance MBA-equivalent course in IT takes you to the world of technology, information, and strategic management

Semester I

Sub Code Details
101 Business, Government & Society
102 Leadership & Organizational Behaviour
103 Corporate Communications
104 Quantitative Methods
  Managerial Economics (Micro)

Semester II

Sub Code Details
105 Financial Reporting & Controls (Accounts)
106 Managerial Economics(Macro)
107 Managerial Finance
108 Operations Management
109 Marketing Management

Semester III

Sub Code Details
110 Human Resource Management
111 Entrepreneurship
112 Legal Framework and Business
113 Management Information System
114 International Economy & Finance

Semester IV

Sub Code Details
133 C++ Programming
134 Operating Systems
135 Database Management System
136 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
137 Java Programming


  • Examination will be conducted for above subjects.
  • Student will have to submit one assignment for each subject.
  • Examinations carry 70% and assignments carry 30% weightage (passing criteria for both exam / assignments is 50/100).
Duration Eligibility
2 Year
(4 Semester)
Any Graduate
Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Program Fee Including Fee  Total Fee
`48,000 A) Registration ` 1,000
B) Course Material ` 5,000
C) Examination Fee ` 5,000
` 59,000


Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Fee Option Down Payment Installment Total Fees
Lumpsum ` 59000 - `  59,000
Installment a) ` 30,000 (First Installment) b)` 20,000 within 6 months (Second Installment)
c) ` 15,000 after 12 Months (Third Installment)
(a) + (b) + (c) = `  65,000



You need not attend regular classes. Study while working in any company.

Its very flexible. Choose your convenient time and study accordingly. We also allow you to select your preferred examination schedule and complete the papers

The Distance Program in The PGDM Institute is extremely cost-efficient.

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