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Post Graduate Diploma Course in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) | Distance Learning Courses

Supply chain management constitutes integration and co-ordination of the flows of material, information, and finances both internal and external to the company.  Generally, the chain of flow is from supplier to manufacturer and to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. The function of effective supply chain management is imperative to maintain a proportionate inventory in turn reducing cost and delays due to confusion. The task demands efficient management skills like coordinating, monitoring, up-dating, allocating etc. for the function to be effective in essence.

Distance Diploma Courses facilitate education in specialized field such as supply chain management in order to facilitate working and studying participants to enhance their qualifications and access the in-demand domains  for employment. Post Graduate Courses can help one to diversify or to take the career to new heights by virtue of the changing business face.

MIT School of Distance Learning with its wide and comprehensive involvement in the education field, works consistently to aid the deficit area in the industrial employment conditions. Post Graduate Diploma in Supply chain management fills the gap in the areas which demand specific requirement of specialized personnel, rather than a general management professional and is a preferred norm, presently.

Semester I

Sub Code Details
149 Management Information Systems 
145 Legal Framework and Business 
154 Managing e-business 
177 Quantitative Methods 
194 Technology and Operations Management 

Semester II

Sub Code Details
192 Supply Chain Management 
124 Enterprise Resource and Planning 
144 Legal Aspect of Supply Chain Management 
187 Risk Management 
  Project Report 


  • Examination will be conducted for above subjects.
  • Student will have to submit one assignment for each subject.
  • Examinations carry 70% and assignments carry 30% weightage (passing criteria for both exam / assignments is 50/100).
Duration Eligibility
1 Year
(2 Semester)
Any Graduate
Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Program Fee Including Fee  Total Fee
`27,000 A) Registration ` 1,000
B) Course Material ` 5,000
C) Examination Fee ` 5,000
` 38,000


Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Fee Option Down Payment Installment Total Fee
Lumpsum ` 38,000 - `  38,000
Installment ` 21,000 ` 19,000 `  40,000



With the advent of new technologies enabling efficient, easy and fast communication, new variants of business models are being introduced in every domain. Most of the functions of management have increased multifold and demand qualified professionals to execute them.

Specialized fields like supply chain management provide opportunities to fresh, as well as experienced professionals since it is an up-coming and uncommon field. MIT School of Distance Learning known for its employment oriented courses, has selected this course with an objective to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of qualified professionals which is faced by the business world. 

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