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Post Graduate Certificate

Soon after passing out from school, most students, like you, find themselves in a fix about their career progression. However, in order to advance in this highly competitive world and be employable, you need to arm yourself with the right skills and qualifications. This One-Year Diploma after 10+2 is worth the time, effort and investment that will enable you to be employable. It is also recommended as a foundation course, if you are looking to gain practical exposure before being enrolled to a full-time professional course.

MITSDE’s Post Graduate Certificate successfully equips you by providing the relevant knowledge and practical information required to succeed. The Post Graduate Certificate offers two specialisation - PGC in Modern Office Management and PGC in Retail Management. Both these courses aim at preparing you with the requisite performance skills that will help you advance towards a concrete professional career.

post graduate certificate in modern office management

PGC in Modern Office Management

Management is unarguably one of the most indispensable and imperative domains of the fast growing corporate world.

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Diploma in Retail Management

PGC in Retail Management

Retail Management is the latest management specialisation that has emerged with the new era of online shopping, electronic payments and delivery of goods and other services.

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