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Post Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure Management (PGDIM) | Distance Learning Courses

Almost every business arena has a requirement of a requisite amount of infrastructure, thus infrastructure management has gained a dominant place.

At present, there is a considerable shortfall of skilled manpower in the infrastructure and construction industry, as the country gets ready to participate in the global economics.  Holistically trained personnel who can capitalize on the social, economic, environmental and physical resources at hand to ensure maximum viability are fast becoming the need of the day. Identifying this need, MIT School of Distance learning, forayed into the field of infrastructure and construction management education to fulfill the calling demand of the sector. A background of education in almost all major domains including the civil construction made it feasible for the institute to offer a well designed and proven curriculum in the relatively newer domain like the infrastructure management. The Post Graduate diploma in infrastructure management familiarizes the student with core management concepts with regards to the various divisions and support groups in the infrastructure industry.  The institute takes pride in being one of the oldest institutes in Pune having a background of civil construction education.

Post graduation courses in the distance education mode lend an unforeseen chance to explore the industry sphere, which is profuse with offers for the deserving candidates. MITSDE takes pride in being one of the premier distance learning institutes in Pune, functioning as a specialized on-line education provider.

Semester I

Sub Code Details
182 Resource and Technology Management
113 Contract Management and Legal Aspects of Infrastructure Projects
110 Clearance and Planning
739 An Overview of Infrastructure Projects
129 Financial Management for Infrastructure Projects

Semester II

Sub Code Details
111 Computer Applications in Infrastructure
127 Environmental Policies & Issues
180 Regulatory Issues and Environmental Issues in Urban Governance and IT Infrastructure Management
126 Environmental Impact of Growing Energy Need
310 Project Work


  • Examination will be conducted for above subjects.
  • Student will have to submit one assignment for each subject.
  • Examinations carry 70% and assignments carry 30% weightage (passing criteria for both exam / assignments is 50/100).
Duration Eligibility
1 Year
(2 Semester)
Any Graduate
Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Program Fee Including Fee  Total Fee
`27,000 A) Registration ` 1,000
B) Course Material ` 5,000
C) Examination Fee ` 5,000
` 38,000


Course Fees Indian Students ( ` INR)
Fee Option Down Payment Installment Total Fee
Lumpsum ` 38,000 - `  38,000
Installment ` 21,000 ` 19,000 `  40,000



An individual equipped with a PG Diploma in Infrastructure management is capable of following a top-down strategy to examine, evaluate, recommend and assimilate best management practices across any division in any organization; regardless of the sector.

Infrastructure and construction management presents the participants having a passion and inclination towards money-making and working tirelessly with a highly profitable and flourishing career. The ability to lead and superintend a team of consultants, builders and site managers is an essential requirement of the job profile. The job may seem overwhelming at outset, however it provides a generous opportunity to earn profits.

Many medium to large companies working in this sector need knowledgeable work-force as Facility Operations Specialists, Program Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Project Resource Manager and so on.

Various industries like IT, construction, aviation, energy and mining are the few sectors, where students could be employed. Don’t waste time, enroll today. 

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