MITSDE is built on a culture of collaboration, ambition, innovative thinking & the desire to create change in higher education. This culture drives every member of our team & permeates every endeavor we pursue. We believe that there is an ideal learning experience. MITSDE offers Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and PGDBA courses in the fields such as Marketing Management, Finance, HR, Operations, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Risk and Insurance Management, Fire and Safety Management, Retail Management, Material Management and more.

Distance MBA in Bhubaneswar:

Wondering where to pursue your MBA course? Asking people and getting puzzled?? Well, you’re not alone in this situation. Like you, many others are equally baffled about pursuing MBA and which is the right place. Well, to talk about the “right place”, it’s not only the metro cities that make their name in the list. Many other cities like Bhubaneswar is progressing in a rapid speed, making space for MBA-seekers to get high-quality education followed by lucrative jobs. However, all these are not possible unless you have the bonus key, i.e.Distance MBA

Industrial Landscape of Bhubaneswar

A city that was once never heard of is today counted amongst the emerging regional economies within the country. From IT to software services and manufacturing to retail, all the job sectors that are striking your mind at this moment; each has laid a vast foundation in Bhubaneswar. This calls for the enormous job opportunities and work profiles that you can enjoy in this city. If you ask about pay scale, well that’s at par with national and international standards. Work environment is extremely competitive yet exciting. There’s lot of space for exploration. Name any job sector and there lies enough scope to invent and come up with new ideas, new things. You only need a Correspondence MBA to make yourself eligible for all these benefits.

Make headway with Distance MBA in Bhubaneswar

Distance management courses in Bhubaneswar can:

  • Provide latest insights from all industries and keep you updated with newest trends and developments
  • Present a complete picture of how today’s industries run their business
  • Equip you with all the essential skills and qualifications that can give you the title of a “trained professional”
  • Ensure flexible course timing and curriculum, as per your convenience
  • Help you in getting good placements by providing proper placement assistance
  • Distance Management Courses at MITSDE


    • PGD in Energy Management

      Sachindananda Awar, Training Coordinator,
      PGD in Energy Management

       Two years ago, one day while searching for Energy Management course in the internet, suddenly I came to know about MIT - School of Distance Education. After going through the web site and all the details about the course, I just left an inquiry message about the Course, Certificate, Payment terms, etc. The ever ready co- operation and support I receive from all the staff is a great experience at my part. It's a great privilege for me  to write the testimonial for the institute 

    • PGDBA-Operations

      Amol S Ahirao, Project Manager,

       I must compliment you on the excellent support for my PGDBA course attended at MITSDE! I learnt so much more than I would ever have expected, and so thoroughly! I would say this course has helped me a lot in career progression. Thank you for having such an excellent and unique course administrator. 

    • PGDBA -Operations

      Kapil Gupta, Project Consultant,
      PGDBA -Operations

       Doing PGDBA Operations at MITSDE is a great experience. Guidance and assistance to the classmates from different background equipped them with required skills. Students caring begin from the day they enrolled. Course content, online exercise and assignments are extremely knowledgeable and definitely broaden my skill set.