MITSDE is built on a culture of collaboration, ambition, innovative thinking & the desire to create change in higher education. This culture drives every member of our team & permeates every endeavor we pursue. We believe that there is an ideal learning experience. MITSDE offers Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and PGDBA courses in the fields such as Marketing Management, Finance, HR, Operations, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Risk and Insurance Management, Fire and Safety Management, Retail Management, Material Management and more.

Distance MBA in Bhopal:

Whether working as a professional or a fresh graduate, MBA can work magic for your career by enabling you to fly high in your desired field. With this qualification in hand, you shall not only stay ahead in competition but also increase the chances of your job selection. In recent years, of all cities, Bhopal has emerged with numerous prospects and work opportunities in varied sectors. The ticket to click into any of these job scopes in pursuing a Distance MBA in Bhopal. Well deserved job, wonderful professional life, constant growth, stability and success are sure to follow after this course. A brighter opportunity thus awaits you in the near future.

Industrial Landscape of Bhopal

Due to commercial developments, advent of technology and adoption of modern corporate infrastructure, Bhopal has become the best place to create, shape and enjoy successful careers. From IT companies to management consultancies, each sector has established a good name and fame in Bhopal. Therefore, you can imagine the number of opportunities that will knock at your door after completing Correspondence MBA in Bhopal. In just few years, the city has witnessed an outburst in retail, manufacturing, software services and technology. As a result, career options have increased with more number of jobs being available in diverse sectors

Correspondence MBA in Bhopal: A twist in your professional life

To ensure that you succeed in your professional ventures, you must possess all the skills and capabilities and more than this you have to move in the right direction. Distance MBA in Bhopal helps you to:

  • Make wise career decision by selecting the right path. There are lots of specialisations like Marketing, Supply Chain, Telecommunications, Finance, Retail, Banking, Human Resource, etc. So, you can select your desired job field and gain more expertise in that specific area
  • Become a trained professional even before you join the company
  • Study without compromising your present job
  • Choose flexible study hours and finish the curriculum at your convenience
  • Distance Management Courses at MITSDE


    • PGD in Energy Management

      Sachindananda Awar, Training Coordinator,
      PGD in Energy Management

       Two years ago, one day while searching for Energy Management course in the internet, suddenly I came to know about MIT - School of Distance Education. After going through the web site and all the details about the course, I just left an inquiry message about the Course, Certificate, Payment terms, etc. The ever ready co- operation and support I receive from all the staff is a great experience at my part. It's a great privilege for me  to write the testimonial for the institute 

    • PGDBA-Operations

      Amol S Ahirao, Project Manager,

       I must compliment you on the excellent support for my PGDBA course attended at MITSDE! I learnt so much more than I would ever have expected, and so thoroughly! I would say this course has helped me a lot in career progression. Thank you for having such an excellent and unique course administrator. 

    • PGDBA -Operations

      Kapil Gupta, Project Consultant,
      PGDBA -Operations

       Doing PGDBA Operations at MITSDE is a great experience. Guidance and assistance to the classmates from different background equipped them with required skills. Students caring begin from the day they enrolled. Course content, online exercise and assignments are extremely knowledgeable and definitely broaden my skill set.